Advani, Karishma

Karishma Advani

Art always came to naturally to Karishma. It started with doodling on classroom desks back when she was in India and transformed completely when she graduated through the intermediate drawing exams. Later, she even practiced pencil shading for portraits and scenery. Then gradually moved to oil and water colour paintings and now curently working on acrylic paintings.

Karishma has lovingly worked into this collection, adding texture and colour, light and shadows. She has used her pallet knives, brushes, foils, sponges, buds and many more. This artwork is special to her because it was whilst painting this piece that she understood her reason to be here. The realisation came that she is here to give colour to the world. She wanted to create a big bright colourful painting full of happiness and vibrant energy. It’s an ideal big piece of bold art for the confident owner.